Databricks documentation

Databricks on Google Cloud is a Databricks environment hosted on Google Cloud, running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and providing built-in integration with Google Cloud Identity, Google Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and other Google Cloud technologies.

Databricks excels at enabling data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts to work together on use cases like:

  • Applying advanced analytics for machine learning and graph processing at scale

  • Using deep learning for harnessing the power of unstructured data such for AI, image interpretation, automatic translation, natural language processing, and more

  • Making data warehousing fast, simple, and scalable

  • Proactively detecting threats with data science and AI

  • Analyzing high-velocity sensor and time-series IoT data in real-time

  • Making GDPR data subject requests easy to execute

This documentation site provides how-to guidance and reference information for data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers who use the Databricks Data Science & Engineering, Databricks Machine Learning, and Databricks SQL persona-based environments.