View billable usage using the account console

This article describes how to use the Usage page in the account console to view your Databricks usage data across all of the workspaces in your account. View usage by:

  • Databricks Unit (DBU), which is a unit of processing capability per hour, billed on per-second usage.

  • Estimated cost (in $USD currency)

    Cost is estimated on a linear cost estimate per DBU based on standard cost-per-DBU pricing for your tier for each type of usage. Actual cost varies depending on your exact contract.


The Databricks billable usage graphs in the account console do not aggregate usage by tags but billable usage downloaded CSV reports from the same page include default and custom tags. Tags do not propagate to the clusters that you view in the Google Cloud console, but you can use custom and default tags for Google GKE usage metering

Access the usage page

Go to the account console and click the Usage icon.

There are two panels: usage graph and usage details.

Usage graph

In the usage graph panel, a graph shows your account usage in DBUs or estimated cost. Use the $USD/DBU picker to toggle between these views.

You can use a picker to browse the data by:

  • Total usage: A single line for total usage and cost across all workspaces and SKUs.

  • By workspace: A line for each workspace’s usage and cost.

  • By SKU: A line for each SKU’s usage and cost. The set of SKUs shown for your account depends on your contract. SKUs also depend on how you use Databricks (all-purpose or jobs compute, for example).

Actual cost varies depending on your contract.

The summary graph shows usage data for the account within a specified time range. Click the time range picker, where you can specify an exact time range or choose among pre-defined options such as Last 6 Months.

Usage details

In the usage details panel, you can view a list of detailed usage and estimated cost in a table format. This panel’s data is always aggregated by workspace. To view usage as totals (aggregated) or by SKU, instead use the graph in the Usage graph panel, and click the aggregation picker.

To toggle between estimated cost and DBUs, use the $USD/DBU picker.

To adjust the time range, click the time range picker.

If you have many workspaces, type the workspace name into the search field to filter results.

Actual cost varies depending on your contract.

Usage graph