Control access to feature tables

You can configure Feature Store access control to grant fine-grained permissions on feature table metadata. You can control a user’s ability to view a feature table in the UI, edit its description, manage other users’ permissions on the table, and delete the table.


Feature Store access control does not govern access to the underlying Delta table, which is governed by table access control.

You can assign four permission levels to feature table metadata: No Permissions, Can View Metadata, Can Edit Metadata, and Can Manage. The table lists the abilities for each permission.

Ability No Permissions Can View Metadata Can Edit Metadata Can Manage
Create feature table X X X X
Read feature table   X X X
Search feature table   X X X
Write features to feature table     X X
Update description of feature table     X X
Modify permissions on feature table       X
Delete feature table       X

By default, when a feature table is created:

  • The creator has Can Manage permission
  • Workspace admins have Can Manage permission
  • Other users have No Permissions

Manage Feature Store permissions

  1. On the feature table page, click the arrow to the right of the name of the feature table and select Permissions. If you do not have Can Manage permission for the feature table, you will not see this option.

    Select permissions from drop-down menu
  2. Edit the permissions and click Save.