Quickstarts, tutorials, and best practices

Databricks documentation includes many tutorials, quickstarts, and best practices guides.

Quickstarts and tutorials

Quickstarts provide a shortcut to understanding Databricks features or typical tasks you can perform in Databricks. Most of our quickstarts are intended for new users.

Tutorials provide more complete walkthroughs of typical workflows in Databricks.

These quickstarts and tutorials are listed according to the Databricks persona-based environment they apply to. However some apply more broadly. For example, the Data Science & Engineering quickstarts are useful for machine learning engineers first encountering Databricks, and both Run your first ETL workload on Databricks and Get started as a Databricks administrator are useful regardless of which environment you are working in.

Best practices

The Databricks documentation includes a number of best practices articles to help you get the best performance at the lowest cost when using and administering Databricks.

For users:

For administrators: