Convert to Delta Lake

The CONVERT TO DELTA SQL command performs a one-time conversion for Parquet and Iceberg tables to Delta Lake tables. For incremental conversion of Parquet or Iceberg tables to Delta Lake, see Incrementally clone Parquet and Iceberg tables to Delta Lake.

For the technical documentation, see CONVERT TO DELTA.

Converting a directory of Parquet or Iceberg files in an external location to Delta Lake


Converting Iceberg tables is in Public Preview.

Converting Iceberg tables is supported in Databricks Runtime 10.4 and above.

Converting Iceberg metastore tables is not supported.

You can convert a directory of Parquet data files to a Delta Lake table as long as you have write access on the storage location.

CONVERT TO DELTA parquet.`gcs://my-bucket/parquet-data`;

CONVERT TO DELTA iceberg.`gcs://my-bucket/iceberg-data`;

You can then register these files as a table in the Hive metastore.


For Databricks Runtime 11.2 and above, CONVERT TO DELTA automatically infers partitioning information for tables registered to the metastore, eliminating the requirement to manually specify partitions.