This article describes how to use MicroStrategy workstation with a Databricks cluster.

Step 1: Get Databricks connection information

  1. Get a personal access token.
  2. Get the JDBC URL field value from the JDBC/ODBC tab for your cluster.

Step 2: Configure Databricks connection in MicroStrategy Workstation

  1. Start MicroStrategy Workstation.
  2. In the navigation bar, in the Analysis area, next to Dossiers, click the plus (Create a new dossier) icon.
  3. In the Untitled Dossier window, in the Datasets panel, click New Data. If the Datasets pane is not visible, in the navigation bar, click the dataset (Click to Open Datasets Panel) icon.
  4. In the Data Sources dialog, click the Databricks icon. If the Databricks icon is not visible, scroll to view it, or in the Search box, enter Databricks.
  5. In the Select Import Options, click to Select Tables, Build a Query, or Type a Query, and click Next.
  6. In the Import from Table - Select or Import from Table - SQL Editor dialog, next to Data Sources, click the plus (New Data Source) icon.
  7. In the Connections dialog, enter a Connection Name.
  8. For [JDBC URL], enter the JDBC URL from Step 1. If the URL ends with ;UID=token;PWD=<personal-access-token>, do not include that portion of the URL, as you will provide this information next.
  9. If a Token box displays, enter your personal access token from Step 1.
  10. If a User box displays, enter the word token.
  11. If a Password box displays, enter your personal access token from Step 1.
  12. Click Save.

Next steps

To continue using MicroStrategy Workstation, see the following resources on the MicroStrategy website: