This article describes how to use Mode with a Databricks cluster.

Step 1: Get Databricks connection information

  1. Get a personal access token.
  2. Get the Server Hostname, Port, and HTTP Path field values from the JDBC/ODBC tab for your cluster.

Step 2: Configure Databricks connection in Mode

  1. Sign in to Mode.
  2. Click Definitions > Data > Manage Connections > Connect a database.
  3. In the list labelled Or choose from a list of databases we support, choose Databricks.
  4. On the Enter your Databricks credentials page, enter the following information:
    1. For Host, enter the Server Hostname value from Step 1.
    2. For Port, enter the Port value from Step 1.
    3. For Database name, enter the name of the database that you want to use.
    4. For Token, enter the personal access token from Step 1.
    5. For HTTP Path, enter the HTTP Path value from Step 1.
  5. Click Connect.