SQL reference for Databricks Runtime 7.3 LTS and above

This is a SQL command reference for users on clusters running Databricks Runtime 7.x and above in the Databricks Data Science & Engineering workspace and Databricks Machine Learning environment.


For the Databricks SQL language reference, see SQL reference for Databricks SQL.

DML statements

You use data manipulation statements to add, change, or delete data:

Data retrieval statements

You use a query to retrieve rows from one or more tables according to the specified clauses. The full syntax and brief description of supported clauses are explained in the Query article. The related SQL statements SELECT and VALUES are also included in this section.

Databricks Runtime also provides the ability to generate the logical and physical plan for a query using the EXPLAIN statement.

Delta Lake statements

You use Delta Lake SQL statements to manage tables stored in Delta Lake format:

For details on using Delta Lake statements, see What is Delta Lake?.

Security statements

You use security SQL statements to manage access to data:

For details using these statements, see Data object privileges.