SQL warehouse admin settings

This article explains the SQL warehouse settings and access controls available to workspace admins.

Databricks recommends retaining the default settings for all workspace-level configurations for SQL warehouses. These settings assume that workspace admins are responsible for creating and configuring all SQL warehouses and that you use Unity Catalog for data governance.

Workspace administrators can configure the following permissions for a Databricks workspace:

  • Revoke all access to SQL warehouses.

  • Grant the ability to create SQL warehouses.

  • Configure default parameters that control the SQL warehouse compute environment.

  • Configure data access policies for SQL warehouses.


By default, all users have access to Databricks SQL. To onboard users to Databricks SQL, you should deploy a SQL warehouse, grant users access to the SQL warehouse, and grant access to data using Unity Catalog.

Revoke access to SQL warehouses

You can revoke access to SQL warehouses for a user, service principal, or group by unassigning the Databricks SQL access entitlement. See Manage entitlements.

Grant SQL warehouse creation privileges

You can grant SQL warehouse creation privileges to a user, service principal, or group by assigning the Allow unrestricted cluster creation entitlement. See Manage entitlements.

Configure SQL parameters

To configure all warehouses with SQL parameters:

  1. Click your username in the top bar of the workspace and select Settings from the drop down.

  2. Click Compute under the Settings heading on the left side of the screen.

  3. Click Manage next to SQL warehouses.

  4. In the SQL Configuration Parameters textbox, specify one key-value pair per line. Separate the name of the parameter from its value using a space. For example, to enable ANSI_MODE:

    Screenshot that shows ANSI_MODE set to true for all SQL warehouses

    For a list of all parameters that are supported at the global scope, see Configuration parameters.

  5. Click Save.


When you change a SQL configuration parameter, all running SQL warehouses are automatically restarted.

For a general overview of the available SQL configuration parameters, see Configuration parameters.

To configure all SQL warehouses using the REST API, see SQL Warehouses API.

Configure data access policies for SQL warehouses

Databricks recommends managing data access policies using Unity Catalog.

Some data sources might require additional privileges. See Enable data access configuration.


When you configure data access policies other than Unity Catalog, legacy table ACLs also apply. See Enable Hive metastore table access control on a cluster (legacy).

Transfer ownership of a SQL warehouse

The user you transfer ownership of a SQL warehouse to must have the Allow unrestricted cluster creation entitlement.

  1. As a workspace admin, log in to your Databricks workspace.

  2. Click SQL Warehouses in the sidebar.

  3. In a warehouse row, click the Kebab menu kebab menu at the far right and select Permissions. The SQL warehouse permissions display.

  4. Click on the gear icon at the top right and click Assign new owner.

  5. Select the user to assign ownership to. Service principals and groups cannot be assigned ownership of a SQL warehouse.

  6. Click Confirm.