Delete a workspace

This article shows you how to delete a workspace in your Databricks account.


Once a workspace is deleted, Databricks is not responsible for cleaning up the resources attached to that workspace. Databricks recommends terminating all clusters and instance pools associated with a workspace before you delete it. Additionally, terminate any associated resources in your cloud provider account.

To delete a workspace:

  1. Terminate all clusters and instance pools associated with the workspace.

  2. From the the account console, click the Workspaces icon.

  3. On the row with your workspace, click the kebab menu Vertical Ellipsis then select Delete. Alternatively, click the workspace name, click Vertical Ellipsis, then select Delete Workspace.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, type the workspace name and click Confirm Delete.

Clean up Google Cloud objects after deleting a workspace

After you delete a workspace, the two GCS buckets that Databricks created may not be deleted automatically if they are not empty. For example, there might be files that you added directly or indirectly, like libraries or other files, in the bucket that contains your workspace’s DBFS root.

After you delete the workspace, you can find and delete remaining objects manually in the Google Cloud Console for your project. Go to the following page and replace <project-id> with your project ID:<project-id>.