Troubleshoot common sharing issues in Delta Sharing

The following sections describe common errors that might occur when you create a share or access data in a share.

Accessing data within a share

The following errors are common when accessing data in a share.

Resource limit exceeded errors

Issue: Your query on a shared table returns the error RESOURCE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

You may see either of these errors:

  • "RESOURCE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED","message":"The table metadata size exceeded limits"

  • "RESOURCE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED","message":"The number of files in the table to return exceeded limits, consider contact your provider to optimize the table"

Possible causes: There are limits on the number of files in metadata allowed for a shared table.

Recommended fix: To learn how to resolve either of these issues, see RESOURCE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED error when querying a Delta Sharing table in the Databricks Knowledge Base.