Hive metastore table access control (legacy)

Each Databricks workspace deploys with a built-in Hive metastore as a managed service. An instance of the metastore deploys to each cluster and securely accesses metadata from a central per-workspace repository.

By default, a cluster allows all users to access all data managed by the workspace’s built-in Hive metastore unless table access control is enabled for that cluster. Table access control lets you programmatically grant and revoke access to objects in your workspace’s Hive metastore from Python and SQL. When table access control is enabled, users can set permissions for data objects that are accessed using that cluster.


Hive metastore table access control is a legacy data governance model. Databricks recommends that you upgrade the tables managed by the Hive metastore to the Unity Catalog metastore. Unity Catalog simplifies security and governance of your data by providing a central place to administer and audit data access across multiple workspaces in your account.


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