What directories are in DBFS root by default?

Each Databricks workspace has several directories configured in the DBFS root storage container by default. Some of these directories link to locations on the DBFS root, while others are virtual mounts. If you are unable to access data in any of these directories, contact your workspace administrator.

  • /FileStore

  • /databricks-datasets

  • /databricks/init

  • /user/hive/warehouse

What is stored in the /Filestore directory?

Data and libraries uploaded through the Databricks UI go to the /Filestore location by default. Generated plots are also stored in this directory.

What is stored in the /databricks-datasets directory?

Databricks provides a number of open source datasets in this directory. Many of the tutorials and demos provided by Databricks reference these datasets, but you can also use them to indepedently explore the functionality of Databricks.

What is stored in the /user/hive/warehouse directory?

Databricks stores managed tables in the hive_metastore here by default.