Delta Live Tables release 2022.49

December 6 - 9, 2022

These features and improvements were released with the 2022.49 release of Delta Live Tables.

Databricks Runtime versions used by this release


  • CURRENT (default): Databricks Runtime 11.0.11

  • PREVIEW: Databricks Runtime 11.3.2

New features and improvements in this release

  • You can now import files from a Databricks Git folder as Python modules. You can import files from the current repo path or a specified repo path using sys.path.append().

  • Enhanced Autoscaling is now generally available. With this release, Enhanced Autoscaling is the default autoscaling mode for new pipelines created in the UI. Databricks recommends updating pipelines that use the existing cluster autoscaling to use Enhanced Autoscaling.

  • For pipelines run in continuous mode, the default retry limit is now 2 when retryable failures occur. Including the original attempt, all flows have three attempts (with exponential backoff) to run when non-fatal failures occur. Previously, the defaults were unbounded retries for batch flows, and five retries for streaming flows.

  • The configuration parameter pipelines.maxFlowRetryAttempts now applies to the retry limit for all flows, including batch and streaming flows, and continuous or triggered pipelines. Previously, pipelines.maxFlowRetryAttempts applied to all retry limits in triggered mode but only batch flows in continuous mode; retries for streaming pipelines in continuous mode were controlled by pipelines.numStreamRetryAttempts. For existing pipelines, pipelines.numStreamRetryAttempts continues to be supported for streaming flows in continuous mode. If both pipelines.numStreamRetryAttempts and pipelines.maxFlowRetryAttempts are set, pipelines.numStreamRetryAttempts takes priority for streaming flows in continuous mode. Otherwise, the configured value for pipelines.maxFlowRetryAttempts is used. See Delta Live Tables properties reference.

Bug fixes in this release

  • This release fixes a bug causing display of incorrect DBU per hour calculations for Photon-enabled clusters.

  • This release fixes a bug causing Delta Live Tables maintenance tasks to fail in Unity Catalog enabled workspaces.

  • This release fixes a bug where stopping or restarting a continuous pipeline that ingests data with Auto Loader causes the pipeline to hang for several minutes.