Platform release process

In order to minimize disruption to Databricks users, releases are deployed on a regular cadence. During a deployment, Databricks services may be temporarily disrupted.

Release deployments are scheduled outside of normal business hours for the region in which they occur.

Notification types

There are multiple types of notifications that appear before a deployment starts, depending on your deployment model.

The following sections highlight the most common methods.

Status Page

The Databricks Status Page is updated to indicate which regions a deployment impacts. When a deployment ends, the Status Page is updated to show normal operation. See Status Page.

Status Page automatic notification

If you subscribe to automatic notifications, Databricks sends an alert before a deployment begins, and a second alert when the deployment has concluded. To learn how to configure your notification subscription, see Subscribe.

Example email notification

The following is an example email notification that is sent to subscribers when a scheduled deployment begins.

Title: Maintenance Notification from Databricks

Affected Infrastructure
Components: Authentication, Compute Service, Jobs Service, ODBC/JDBC Service, User Interface,API Service
Locations: eu:europe-west2:EU-West2

Databricks has initiated scheduled maintenance in the listed regions. Review the release notes for more information on recent platform updates. An additional notification will be sent when maintenance is completed.