Troubleshooting and limitations


Error message: Database recommender_system does not exist in the Hive metastore.

A feature table is stored as a Delta table. The database is specified by the table name prefix, so a feature table recommender_system.customer_features will be stored in the recommender_system database.

To create the database, run:

%sql CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS recommender_system;

Error message: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'databricks.feature_store'

This error occurs when the Feature Store Python client is not installed on the Databricks Runtime you are using.

The Feature Store Python client is available on PyPI, and can be installed with:

%pip install databricks-feature-store

Error message: Invalid input. Data is not compatible with model signature. Cannot convert non-finite values...'

This error can occur when using a Feature Store-packaged model in Databricks Model Serving. When providing custom feature values in an input to the endpoint, you must provide a value for the feature for each row in the input, or for no rows. You cannot provide custom values for a feature for only some rows.


  • Feature Store APIs support batch scoring of models packaged with Feature Store. Online inference is not supported.

  • Feature Store does not support deleting individual features from a feature table.

  • No online stores are supported on Databricks on Google Cloud as of this release.