Get started with Databricks

Welcome to Databricks. Whether you’re new to data science, data engineering, and data analytics—or you’re an expert—here is where you’ll find the information you need to get yourself and your team started with Databricks.

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    Start a free trial

    Learn how to set up your Databricks in Google Cloud account and create your first workspace.

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    Run your first ETL workload on Databricks.

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    Data scientists

    Run a quickstart to learn the basic tools of data science on Databricks: create a cluster, run a notebook, create a table, query and display data.

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    Data analysts

    Learn how to use Databricks SQL to run queries and create dashboards on data stored in your data lake.

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    Machine Learning engineers

    Learn how to use Databricks to load data, train and tune a model, compare and analyze model performance, and use the model for inference.

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    Are you an administrator? Set up and deploy your account, add users, set up permissions, and get your team enabled for Databricks.

See Introduction to Databricks for more resources to help you get started.