Troubleshoot Partner Connect

This section provides information to help address common issues with Partner Connect.

When trying to connect to a partner, an error message is displayed

Issue: When you try to connect your Databricks workspace to a partner solution by using Partner Connect, an error displays, and you cannot create the connection.


There are multiple reasons why this issue may occur:

  • If multiple individuals within an organization try to create an account with a partner, only the first individual succeeds. This is because the partner may offer some accounts at only the organizational level, and the first individual who creates such an account also establishes the account for the organization.

  • If you already have an account with the partner, the connection may still fail. This is because the partner may mistakenly try to create a duplicate account.


Do one of the following:

  • Ask the first individual who created the organizational account with the partner to add your email address to that account. Then bypass Partner Connect and sign in to the partner account directly to begin using the partner’s solution.

  • Try making the connection again through Partner Connect, but this time, specify an email address that is not associated with your organization’s domain, such as a personal email address. This may require you to also add that email address as a user to your Databricks workspace.

  • Bypass Partner Connect and sign in to the partner directly with your existing account, and begin using the partner solution.

If your workspace is not already connected after you sign in to the partner, complete the connection by following the instructions in the Setup guide section in the list of Databricks partners in Partner Connect.

When trying to sign in to a partner’s account or website, a pop-up blocker is displayed

Issue: For a partner solution that uses Partner Connect to sign in to the partner’s account or website, when you click Sign in, Partner Connect opens a new tab in your web browser and a pop-up blocker is displayed. This pop-up blocker prevents you from signing in to the partner’s account or website.

Cause: Your web browser is blocking pop-ups.

Solution: Allow pop-ups for the partner’s website in your web browser. Specific instructions vary by web browser. For example, for Google Chrome, see Block or allow popups in Chrome on the Google Chrome Help website. For other web browsers, search the Internet with a phrase such as “how do I allow pop-ups for a specific website?”

Insufficient permissions to create a partner connection

Issue: When you try to create the partner connection, a permissions error displays and you can’t create the connection.

Cause: This issue might occur because you aren’t a workspace admin.

Solution: An account admin or a workspace admin must add your user to the admins group. See Manage groups.