End of life for Standard tier workspaces on Databricks on Google Cloud

Databricks has announced the end of life for Standard tier workspaces on Databricks on Google Cloud.

Customers have until October 1, 2025, to upgrade existing workspaces to the Premium tier. Any remaining Standard tier workspaces on October 1, 2025, will be automatically upgraded to the Premium tier. Refer to the pricing page to assess how this upgrade might impact your bill.

Starting immediately, all new subscriptions must be created on the Premium or Enterprise tier. Existing Standard tier customers can continue to create new Standard workspaces until Oct 1, 2024, and they have until Oct 1, 2025, to upgrade any new workspace to the Premium or Enterprise tier.

What features do I get when upgrading from the Standard tier?



Databricks workspace with managed Spark

Unity Catalog

Serverless offerings



Assistant / Databricks Intelligence

Lakehouse Monitoring / Predictive Optimization

Governance and Manageability

Advanced Enterprise Security

Will I lose access to any features?

No, you will not lose access to any capabilities. Higher tiers include all the features that are currently available in the Standard tier.

How do I upgrade my workspace to a higher tier?

Refer to our documentation for details on how to upgrade your account to a higher tier. See Manage your subscription.

How do I know the tier for my workspace?

You can view a workspace’s current tier in the Workspaces page your account console.