Serverless quotas

Serverless quotas are a safety measure for serverless compute. Serverless quotas restrict how many serverless compute resources a customer can have at any given time. The quota is enforced at the regional level for all workspaces in your account. There are initial default quotas for accounts, but Databricks automatically proactively increases quotas based on your type of account and how you use Databricks. Databricks intends for typical customers to not hit quotas limits in normal usage.

The quota is measured in Databricks Units (DBUs) per hour. A DBU is a normalized unit of processing power on the Databricks platform used for measurement and pricing purposes. See the pricing page.

Quotas are not intended as a capacity planning mechanism and are not a general purpose way to manage or limit spend.

Quotas are enforced only for serverless SQL warehouses. When you hit your serverless quota in a region, workspaces cannot launch new serverless SQL warehouses. Hitting this limit does not terminate existing SQL warehouses in the region. However, if you hit the limit, Databricks prevents increasing the number of compute resources in the warehouse.

Increase serverless quota

If necessary, you can request additional quota increases by emailing If you have a support plan, you can also make the request in your support portal. Your request for quota increase must include:

  • Set the subject line to "Serverless quota increase request"

  • One or more GCP regions

  • Your requested increase for the quota

  • Justification or reason for the quota increase