Store init scripts in workspace files

Databricks recommends storing all cluster-scoped init scripts using workspace files. You can reference init scripts stored in workspace files regardless of the Databricks Runtime version used by your compute.


While init scripts stored in workspace files generally act like other workspace files, Databricks has configured support for init scripts in all currently supported Databricks Runtime versions.

For more on workspace files, see What are workspace files?.

Where are init scripts stored in workspace files?

Init scripts can be stored in any location the user uploading the init script has proper permissions. See Folder permissions.

Like all workspace files, init scripts use access control lists (ACLs) to control permissions. By default, only the user uploading an init script and admins have permissions on these files. See File permissions.


Some ACLs are inherited from directories to all files within a directory.

Use init scripts stored in workspace files

Init scripts in workspace files are intended for use as cluster-scoped init scripts. See Cluster node initialization scripts.