Discover features in Unity Catalog

With Feature Engineering in Unity Catalog, you can:

  • Search for feature tables by feature table name, feature, comment, or tag.

  • Filter feature tables by tags.

  • Explore and manage feature tables with Catalog Explorer.

To access the Feature Engineering in Unity Catalog UI, click Feature Store Icon Features in the sidebar. Select a catalog with the catalog selector to view all of the available feature tables in that catalog, along with the following metadata:

  • Who owns the feature table.

  • Online stores where the feature table has been published.

  • The last time a notebook or job wrote to the feature table.

  • Tags of the feature table.

  • Comment of the feature table.

Feature store page


Any table managed by Unity Catalog that has a primary key is automatically a feature table and appears on this page. If you don’t see a table on this page, see how to add a primary key constraint on the table.

Search and browse for feature tables

Select a catalog with the catalog selector. Use the search box to search for feature tables in the catalog. You can enter all or part of the name of a feature table, a feature, a comment, or a tag of the feature table. Search text is case-insensitive.

Feature search example

You can also use the tag selector to filter feature tables with a specific tag.

Explore and manage feature tables with Catalog Explorer

Click the feature table name to explore and manage feature table in Catalog Explorer.