Dashboards in notebooks

This page describes how to create dashboards based on notebook cell outputs. Dashboards allow you to publish graphs and visualizations, and then share them in a presentation format with your organization.

Create or add to a dashboard

You create a dashboard by adding an item to it.

  • To add a visualization or output results table to a dashboard, click the down arrow next to the tab name and select Add to dashboard >.

  • To add a Markdown cell to a dashboard, click the dashboard icon in the cell actions menu. Markdown cells are useful as labels on your dashboard.

Add visualization to dashboard

You can select to create a new dashboard or add the plot to an existing dashboard.

  • If you select Add to new dashboard, the new dashboard is automatically displayed.

  • To add the plot to an existing dashboard, click the name of the dashboard. A checkmark appears to indicate that the plot is now on that dashboard. The dashboard is not automatically displayed. To go to the dashboard, click go to dashboard icon to the right of the dashboard name.

Control size and placement of items on a dashboard

  • To resize an item, click corner resize icon on dashboard at the lower-right corner and move your cursor until the item is the size you want.

  • To move an item, click in the item and hold while you move your cursor.

  • There are two layout options in the right panel, Stack and Float. Stack keeps the items neatly lined up on the dashboard. To move items around more freely, select Float.

  • To add a name to a plot, move your cursor over the plot. A control panel dashboard item control panel appears in the upper-right corner.

    • Select the Settings icon dashboard item settings icon. The Configure Dashboard Element dialog appears.

    • In the dialog, click Show Title, enter a title for the plot, and click Save.

  • To remove the item from the dashboard, move your cursor over the plot to display the control panel in the upper-right corner, and click dashboard item remove icon.

Add a title to a dashboard

In the box, enter the title. To change the title, enter the new title in the box.

dashboard title box

Present a dashboard

To present a dashboard, click present dashboard button. To return to the interactive dashboard, click Exit in the upper-left corner.

Delete a dashboard

To delete a dashboard, click delete dashboard button.

Create a scheduled job to refresh a dashboard

To schedule a dashboard to refresh at a specified interval, click notebook header schedule button to create a scheduled job for the notebook that generates the plots on the dashboard. For details about scheduled jobs, see Create and manage scheduled notebook jobs.