Dashboard tutorials


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Follow along with tutorials designed to teach you build and manage dashboards.

Get started

If you’re new to working with dashboards on Databricks, use the following tutorials to familiarize yourself with some of the available tools and features.



Create a dashboard

Create your first dashboard using a sample dataset.

Create visualizations with Databricks Assistant

Use natural language prompts to generate visualizations on the dashboard canvas.

Apply filters

Filters allow viewers to interact with your dashboards and explore data. You can set up filters to restrict dataset results based on field values or to insert parameter values into a dataset query at runtime.



Use query-based parameters

Set up query-based parameters.

Use Databricks APIs to manage dashboards

Dashboards are data objects that you can manage using Databricks REST APIs. You can use the Workspace API to work with them as generic workspace objects or use Lakeview API tools, which are specifically designed for dashboard management.

The tutorials listed in this section are designed to help you manage dashboards throughout their lifecycle, create new Lakeview dashboards from existing legacy dashboards, and move dashboards across different workspaces.



Manage dashboards with Workspace APIs

If you’re already using the Workspace API to manage workspace objects like notebooks, you can continue to use it for many dashboard management operations. This tutorial includes examples that demonstrate how to use the Workspace and Lakeview APIs to manage dashboards.

Use the Lakeview APIs to create and manage dashboards

The Lakeview API is designed to work with dashboard objects. Certain functionality in the Lakeview API mirrors available tools in the Workspace API but includes additional functionality specifically for dashboard management. This tutorial includes examples that demonstrate how to use Lakeview APIs to manage dashboards.

Manage dashboard permissions using the Workspace API

Manage dashboard permissions using the Workspace API.