Databricks notebooks: orientation to the new cell UI

The new cell UI is an updated look and feel for Databricks notebooks. This guide is designed to orient users who are familiar with the existing notebook UI.

Enable the new UI

The quickest way to preview the new UI is the preview tag available in the notebook header.

New cell UI preview tag

This tag displays the current status. Click the tag and toggle the switch to ON. Then click Reload page next to the toggle. The page reloads with the new cell UI enabled.

If you click Don’t show this again to remove the preview tag, you can click View > Developer settings at any time and toggle New cell UI under Experimental features.


This section describes some commonly used features and where to find them in the new UI.

Run button

The run button is at the upper-left of the cell. Click the sideways-pointing arrow to run the cell with a single click. Click the downward-pointing arrow to display a menu.

Cell run menu - new UI

When a cell is running, the run button displays a spinner and shows the current time spent running the command. You can click this button to cancel the execution. After a cell has finished running, the last run time and duration appear to the right of the button. Hover your cursor over this to see more details.

last run image

Cell numbers and titles

Cell numbers and titles appear in the center of the cell toolbar. To add or edit a title, click on the cell number or title. Cells with titles now appear in the table of contents to assist you in navigating around a notebook.

add cell title

Add cells shortcut

To add a new cell, hover in the space between cells. You have the option to add a new, empty code cell or a Markdown text cell.

buttons to create a new cell

Hidden code or results

To view hidden code or results, click the show icon show icon at the upper-right of the cell.

Floating toolbar

The toolbar remains visible when you scroll down a large code cell to provide more convenient access to cell status and actions.

floating toolbar

Focus mode

To edit a single cell in full screen mode, use focus mode. Click the focus mode icon in the toolbar.

focus mode toolbar

This opens a full screen editor for the cell. Any results appear in the bottom panel.

focus mode view

You can navigate to adjacent cells using the arrows on either side of the cell title or using the notebook table of contents.

Drag and drop to re-order cells

To move a cell up or down, click and hold the drag handle icon move cell icon at the left of the cell. Move the cell to the desired location and release the mouse.

drag cell up or down

Frequently asked questions

Can I remove the margin on the sides of the cell?

You can toggle this preference using the View > Centered layout setting in the notebook menu.

notebook menu

Where can I see detailed run information of a cell?

Mouse over the run information next to the run button to see a tooltip with detailed run information.

last run image

If you have a tabular result output this information is also accessible by hovering over the “Last refreshed” section of the UI.

tabular results last run image

How can I get line numbers back?

Use View > Line numbers in the notebook menu to toggle line numbers on or off.

Where did the minimize cell icon go?

The minimize icon has been removed. To minimize a cell, double-click the drag handle or select Collapse cell in the cell menu.

Where did the dashboard icon go?

Select Add to dashboard in the cell menu.

How can I give additional feedback on the new cell UI?

Use the Provide feedback link in the expanded preview tag or, if you have hidden the tag, in the notebook header.