Delta Live Tables release 2023.11

March 20 - 24, 2023

These features and improvements were released with the 2023.11 release of Delta Live Tables.

Databricks Runtime versions used by this release


  • CURRENT (default): Databricks Runtime 11.3.6

  • PREVIEW: Databricks Runtime 12.1.2

New features and improvements in this release

  • You can now get real time status for your pipeline updates with email notifications. You can configure one or more email addresses to receive notifications when:

    • A pipeline updates completes successfully, fails with a retryable error, or fails with a non-retryable error.

    • A single data flow fails.

    To configure notification emails, click Notifications in the pipeline settings when you create or edit a pipeline. See Add email notifications for pipeline events.

  • This release includes changes to enhance the user experience when you view the pipelines list in the Delta Live Tables UI. The changes include an increase in the number of pipelines displayed on each page. By default, 20 pipelines are displayed on each page. The previous default was to display 10 pipelines on each page.

  • With this release, you will see deprecation warnings in the Delta Live Tables event log if any of your Python dataset definitions include backticks enclosing the dataset name, for example, defining a table as dlt.table(name="``").

Bug fixes in this release

  • This release fixes a bug causing an error when using the spark.sql("SHOW CATALOGS") command. SHOW CATALOGS is now a supported command.