December 2023

These features and Databricks platform improvements were released in December 2023.


Releases are staged. Your Databricks workspace might not be updated until a week or more after the initial release date.

Share dynamic views using Delta Sharing (Public Preview)

December 21, 2023

You can now use Delta Sharing to share dynamic views that restrict access to certain table data based on recipient properties. Dynamic view sharing requires the Databricks-to-Databricks sharing flow. See Add dynamic views to a share to filter rows and columns.

Share volumes using Delta Sharing (Public Preview)

December 20, 2023

You can now use Delta Sharing to share volumes between Databricks workspaces on different Unity Catalog metastores (including workspaces on different Databricks accounts and different clouds). Volumes are Unity Catalog objects that represent a logical volume of storage in a cloud object storage location. They are intended primarily to provide governance over non-tabular data assets. Delta Sharing on Databricks provides a native integration with Unity Catalog that allows you to manage, govern, audit, and track usage of shared volumes data.

See Add volumes to a share.

Entity Relationship Diagram for primary keys and foreign keys

December 18, 2023

In Catalog Explorer, you can now view primary key and foreign key relationships as a graph in the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). For more information, see View the Entity Relationship Diagram.

Compute created in the UI now uses the “Auto” availability zone by default

December 17, 2023

When you create compute in the Databricks UI, the availability zone setting now defaults to Auto instead of HA (high availability). For more information, see Availability zones.

Unity Catalog volume file upload size limit increase

December 13, 2023

The Unity Catalog volume file upload size limit has increased to 5 GB. See Upload files to a Unity Catalog volume.

New notebook cell results rendering available (Public Preview)

December 8, 2023

You can now select a new cell result table rendering that allows searching results, copying subsets of the results to the clipboard, and other features to make it easier to work with tabular outputs. For details, see New cell result table.

Notebook editor themes available

December 8, 2023

You can now select from a variety of themes in the notebook editor. To do so, in the notebook, select View > Editor theme.

New unified admin settings UI

December 4, 2023

The workspace admin settings UI has been updated to incorporate previously separate SQL settings. The new UI also allows for easy navigation between workspace setting and user settings.

Init scripts on DBFS are end-of-life

December 1, 2023

Init scripts on DBFS are now end-of-life. Support has been extended in some workspaces for legacy workloads, but will be removed in the future. All init scripts stored in DBFS should be migrated. See Recommendations for init scripts.