July 2024

These features and Databricks platform improvements were released in July 2024.


Releases are staged. Your Databricks account might not be updated until a week or more after the initial release date.

Query history system table is now available (Public Preview)

July 16, 2024

Databricks system tables now includes a query history table. This table logs detailed records of each query run on a SQL warehouse in your account. To access the table, admins must enable the new query system schema. See Query history system table reference.

Partition metadata logging for Unity Catalog external tables

July 15, 2024

In Databricks Runtime 13.3 LTS and above, you can optionally enable partition metadata logging, which is a partition discovery strategy consistent with Hive metastore for external tables registered to Unity Catalog that use Parquet, ORC, CSV, or JSON. See Partition discovery for external tables.

Lakehouse Federation supports Salesforce Data Cloud (Public Preview)

July 10, 2024

You can now run federated queries on data managed by Salesforce Data Cloud. See Run federated queries on Salesforce Data Cloud.

Databricks Assistant system table now available (Public Preview)

July 10, 2024

Databricks Assistant events are now logged in a system table located at system.access.assistant_events. See Databricks Assistant system table reference.

Account SCIM API v2.1 (Public Preview)

July 10, 2024

The Account SCIM APIs are updated from v2.0 to v2.1 for speed and reliability. You can download a PDF of the Account SCIM v2.1 API reference.

Resource quota increase for tables per Unity Catalog metastore

July 3, 2024

Your Unity Catalog metastore can now register up to one million tables. See Resource quotas.